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I started baking for the very first time around the same time I began to blog. As I didn’t see myself using eggs in baking, bananas were the default substitute in my egg-less baking adventures and experiments. Since then, I must have baked banana based cakes and loaves god-knows-how-many times. I feel forever thankful to the humble banana for ushering me into the wonderland of baking.


Whenever bananas in the fruit bowl appear over ripe, it is the same two or three banana bread recipes that I have been repeatedly baking over the past few years. Then one day, while I was making Rasayana – a typical South Indian sweetened fruit salad made of bananas, freshly grated coconut and jaggery,  there was a light bulb moment!

We were eating Rasayana and banana breads often. What if we mixed the two? What would the outcome be?

After three trials, I can say this is the best hybrid that could come out of the union of those two recipes. The best makeover ripe bananas could get – a fresh lease of life!

It is a tale of Rasayana walking into a bakery and coming out a muffin/cake out of the oven.

Moist and fluffy (for a whole wheat bake) with a hint of coconut and cardamom, accentuated by the mesmerizing aroma of saffron and slivered almonds in every bite, it is a real treat this Rasayana inspired muffin. Cardamom almost always paired with saffron in many South Indian sweet concoctions along with jaggery and ghee makes a heavenly combination. Don’t omit the salt. It is an essential leveler to even out the sweetness. All in all, the ingredients blend in perfect harmony.

Saffron, the queen of all spices and the most seductive and the most expensive of them all is also our any time favorite. She shines bright in this recipe giving an ordinary banana muffin an elite twist fit for the holidays.

Within minutes of making, half of them had vanished. Just like that. They are great for tea time, as an after school snack, in the lunch box or to fix a sweet craving. The small paper muffin cups make for the right portion size to indulge in. Not more, not less.

All of us have a recipe or two for banana bread. Who needs another banana yada yada, right?

Well, these Rasayana muffins might just make you think twice.

-- Junior chef

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